Guest Satisfaction Comes First

Thursday, June 14, 2018

From your most important guests to valued employees, you can trust that our thermostats are designed to the highest of standards, with applicable UL/CSA certification.  Instead of asking users to adapt to the temperature control, we try to adapt the temperature control to your specific property’s HVAC system and to your type of users….  The goal is for guests to find these thermostats to be intuitive and easy to use.  A desired temperature is selected using the arrow up and arrow down buttons.  The control takes it from there, to ensure guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

At HotelTech we believe in getting it right the first time.  That’s why every single one of our thermostats comes with east-to-read displays and simple-to-use features.  Each thermostat leaves the factory triple-checked, to ensure every day is a perfect day, for you and your most discerning guests.