Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our products and manufacturing processes are Mercury-free and RoHS compliant (Restriction on HazardousSubstances).  

RoHS bans specific hazardous sustances like LEAD,MERCURY, CADMIUM,HEXAVALEN CHROMIUM,POLYBROMINATEDBIPHENYLS (PPB) and POLYBROMINATEDDIPHENYL ETHERS (PBDE).  Ultra, Optimax ans Optimax ST Smart Thermostats are all manufactured FREE of these substances.

As the LEADER in smart guestroom thermostats HotelTech International has been manufacturing with RoHS Compliant components since spring of 2006.  In addition, by installing HotelTech Smart Thermostats, you are eliminating the MERCURY which is used in traditional types of thermostats.

You do not need to sacrifice quality and expense in your committment to environmentally-friendly products and processes.