Optimax ST

MOTION SENSOR capabilities allow your property to conserve both energy and costs.

General Description

Optimax Smart Setback Thermostats with built-in passive infrared motion sensor are designed for commercial applications to be automatic, very intuitive, smart, cost-effective and energy efficient.  Optimax ST improves guest comfort and satisfaction and saves energy in unsold spaces.  The big screen display is balanced by a very slim-to-the wall profile.  Unique ergonomic buttons have tactile feedback. Tough, reliable and tamper-resistant.


A variety of models are available for Fancoil, Heat pump, Split System and PTAC applications. Your HotelTech Representative can assist you in selecting the model that best fits your particular application.


24, 120, 208/230 or 277 VAC available.


Approximately 5"h x 5"w x 3/4"d.


2" x 4" or 4" x 4" mounting box. Wall plates available.

Case Material

Commercial-grade, high density, high impact, textured plastic.


LCD with Backlighting. Easy to read; shows selected Set Temperature and Fan Mode. Approximately 3"w x 1-1/2”h.


24V AC/DC: 1 amp Max. per stage; Not to exceed 2 amps Total Combined Load

110-120 VAC: Pilot Duty Heat or Cool, 2 amps Max; Max Fan, 4.4 FLA; 26 LRA

208-240 VAC: Pilot Duty Heat or Cool, 2 amps Max; Max Fan, 2.2 FLA; 13 LRA

265-277 VAC: Pilot Duty Heat or Cool, 2 amps Max; Max Fan, 1.8 FLA; 10.8 LRA



Motion Detection

Optimax ST model only: Human body type passive

infrared (PIR) sensor. Primary detection zone covers a 90o span left to right and 80o from floor to ceiling. Distance range extends to 16 foot radius measured from stat center.

Temperature Range

Selectable Range: 60°-90°F (16°-29°C).

Adjustable Range ("Limits"): 66°F (19°C) Cooling limit. 82°F (30°C) Heating limit.

Temperature Selection

Pushbutton, red and blue arrows, for easy temperature selection in 1°F or 1°C increments.

Power Button

Press to start up display. Default set temperature upon start-up is 72°F (22°C). Adjustable.

°F/°C Button

Pressing the °F/°C button allows the user to change from a °F to °C display.

Fan Button

Press to toggle through available Fan Speed or Mode options. One, two or three speed models are available. Device can automatically select optimal fan speed for performance and energy efficiency.

Auto Heat/Cool

User-friendly, automatic switching between heating and cooling. Heat/Cool Temperature Dead Band is 4°F (2°C). Cool-only and Heat only models also available.

Surge Protection

Designed to handle typical brown-out/surge situations.

Diagnostic Mode

For engineering diagnostic purposes, the thermostat can interchangeably display the actual room temperature AND the set temperature and fan status by simultaneously pressing and holding the red and blue buttons for 7 seconds, then releasing.  

Programming Mode

Simple and hidden, for qualified personnel to field-customize features according to their HVAC system and to their energy conservation requirements.


Specifications subject to change.

CALL for a QUOTE and MODEL that best fits your application


Matching wall cover plates

Two-Button model for common areas

Auto-everything models